Joan has worked hard for the 3rd Plymouth District during her first term in office.  She has achieved many legislative, budgetary and local accomplishments.

Joan advocated to increase local aid for elementary and secondary education and for libraries, and to support our state’s environmental agencies, including more funding for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  Joan successfully advocated for funding for public safety initiatives in Cohasset, Hingham, and Hull, as well as for a tourism initiative for the Town of Hull.

In the 2017-2018 legislative session, Joan filed bills concerning conservation, children and family law, election reform, and government accountability.  In addition to organizing and advocating for her own legislation, Joan leads in the call for renewable energy and environmental stewardship. She is a strong voice for regional transportation initiatives, to combat opiate addiction, and for our seniors and veterans.

Joan is well positioned to influence policy issues that are important to our community.  She serves on the Joint Committees for Community Development & Small Business, Transportation, and Telecommunication, Utility & Energy.  She also serves on the Metropolitan Beaches Commission and the Ocean Advisory Commission.

Joan cofounded the Fair Skies Caucus, a bicameral legislative Caucus whose goal is to advocate for equitable mitigation strategies for airplane noise and pollution.  Joan’s bill (H.4088) was enacted in 2017 increasing funding for the MassPort CAC to support community advocacy to mitigate air traffic noise.

Joan is an active partner with House colleagues calling for the transition to renewable energy, electrification of public transit, and updating the renewable portfolio standard.  Joan was a major voice in advocating for the Commonwealth to dedicate VW settlement funds for charging infrastructure and electric vehicles, as well as for innovative battery storage options.