241A4133.jpgFive Priorities for Our District


Energy and Environment

Climate change and sea level rise are urgent issues facing our communities.  We must support municipal vulnerability assessments, invest in resiliency and adaptation strategies, and enact policy to support the Commonwealth’s global warming strategy commitments as stewards for future generations.

Transportation and Infrastructure

A critical component of long term economic vitality for our communities and our region is effective transportation infrastructure.  Transportation needs to be affordable, reliable, and designed to support economic growth and development regionally.

Public Health and Opiate Addiction Crisis

Opiate addiction continues to be an urgent public health crisis.  Although the Commonwealth has taken important first steps to stem the tide of addiction and overdose, we must continue the work for intervention programs and to promote prevention strategies.

Seniors and Veterans

Our seniors and veterans deserve access to quality, affordable health care and community based services to support them in our communities.


Libraries are invaluable resources to residents in our communities, as well as across the Commonwealth. Libraries benefit our youngest children and support each residents at all stages throughout their lifetime.  Whether it be early educational programming for children, research resources and assistance for students, services for persons with disabilities, job search programs, or other cultural or historic programs for adults young and old, libraries are fundamental to vibrant communities and health democracy.  We must advocate for proper state aid.